Attle Costumiers Covid19 Policy.

We hope that everyone is staying well. I know we are all hoping to get back to work and to some degree of normality.

In light of government advice we are maintaining social distancing in our premises. unfortunately kitchen and toilet facilities will not be available and we are not able to offer our fitting room service for the time being. We will be providing hand sanitiser and have masks available for people who would prefer to visit on site.

Please call ahead to make appointments – 01932 341 600

We are putting an emphasis on providing a full pulling service (charges may apply) with the ability to video-call and send photos to designers, stylists and supervisors. We are then able to courier costumes or they can be collected by appointment.

We are able to take payments over the phone or via BACS.

We will rely on accurate measurements from our clients. Please see the link on our website for the male and female measurement videos, along with our downloadable measurement form ( These are more specifically aimed at people who may be unsure how to take a set of measurements. Please feel free to share the links with your performers and artistes.

With regard to cleaning costumes we are washing any machine washable item at the highest temperature possible and also including disinfectant in every wash. Items will not be re-hired out for at least 72 hours and will be either sprayed with disinfectant or alcohol, steamed, or dry cleaned where appropriate. We would ask in the spirit of co-operation that actors wear washable undergarments to help protect costumes.

Of our Pantomime costumes approximately 95% of our stock is machine washable. All other costumes are dry cleaned where possible. Yes the ballgowns go into the washing machine!

We are excited to work with you and look forward to the time our industry gets back to normal, but in the meantime being able to collaborate and produce the best possible work that we all can.

Stay well and best wishes to all,

Jamie Attle
Managing Director
Attle Costumiers Ltd.